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I decided to become a trucker last year but then I became a little hesitant when I learned that we were going to have to take a test. Test taking has never really been my thing and I always tried to avoid them while I was in school. But then when I was about to give up on my trucking career, a family friend told me about LA Trucking School. He said he used the same trucking school a few years back and assured me that I would do just fine as long as I stuck with goals. My friend was right because I got my Class A license and now I work with well reputable company that pays well.

I am so glad I picked LA Trucking School for CDL training to help me with my trucking exam. I was shocked with how simple they made the education process because I was super nervous about my class B license exam with the DMV. The instructors went the extra mile to make sure we were DMV-test ready and to my surprise I passed on the first try. I definitely don’t think I could have done it without their help! There’s no better choice of a trucking school in terms of price and effectiveness.

While shopping around for my CDL license training programs, I came in contact with the instructor of LA Trucking School. After taking a tour of their training process, I came to my decision to take the lessons as they cost $600 less then what competitors were offering me. Even after me failing the first exam, they worked with me for no additional charge to make sure I pass. And after my second attempt of taking the test, I finally got my Class A CDL license thanks to Vartan.

LA Trucking School was the best choice I could have made for my future. They went above and beyond to make sure I was prepared to begin my trucking careers. The instructor was very friendly and attentive to all my needs. The lesson plans were well constructed and the overall structure of the program was organized an efficient.

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