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The trucking industry is a vital part of the American economy, and companies are always searching for qualified drivers. As a student at LA Truck Driving School, you’ll gain all the skills you need to start an amazing career as a truck driver. We provide comprehensive one-on-one instruction, truck driving skill tests, and helpful study materials to prepare you for the California DMV’s Commercial Driver’s License examinations.

Job Placement

It’s no secret that being a trucker is a lucrative career. There are plenty of benefits to becoming a truck driver, including:

  • Above average annual salary
  • Job stability and security
  • Flexible hours

LA Truck Driving School’s job placement program will help you take advantage of these benefits and more. We work with some of the trucking industry’s biggest companies to find great jobs for our truck driving school graduates, providing you with the connections you need for a successful career as a trucker.

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The American economy runs on trucking, and the trucking industry is in constant need of qualified drivers. As a trucker, you’ll be able to find steady work with great pay, providing the economic stability you and your family need.

Student Feedback

“I decided to become a trucker last year but then I became a little hesitant when I learned that we were going to have to take a test. Test taking has never really been my thing and I always tried to avoid them while I was in school. But then when I was about to give up on my trucking career, a family friend told me about LA Trucking School. He said he used the same trucking school a few years back and assured me that I would do just fine as long as I stuck with goals. My friend was right because I got my Class A license and now I work with well reputable company that pays well.”

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