What Truck Driver Cooking Equipment Do You Need?

Truck Driver Cooking Equipment - Electric Skillet

When a new commercial truck driver graduates and gets their CDL, one of their first concerns is usually what their eating situation will be on the road. While truckers may be notorious for eating at greasy diners, gas stations, and fast food joints, many new truckers are interested in cooking for themselves on the road—both to stay healthier and to save money. But what truck driver cooking equipment is needed, and what is allowed? There are lots of options for mini-appliances for cooking that can run off the existing battery. These appliances can easily be kept in the cab and used for cooking every day.

Here are a few basic pieces of truck driver cooking equipment that every driver should know about.

Crock Pot

A basic crock pot has the ability to make plenty of meals on the road, from enchiladas to pork chops to a wide variety of soups and stewed meat. For this reason, they are very popular. However, it’s important to keep in mind that crock pots mimic the functions of a stove, and get extremely hot—even hotter than electric skillets and hot pots.


Almost all truck drivers see a combination refrigerator/freezer unit as an absolute necessity for their truck. They don’t require much space, and you won’t have to always stop for cold drinks, water, or cold snacks (such as fruit). The freezer section is also great for storing frozen foods. When it comes to truck driver cooking equipment, a refrigerator/freezer is a must.

Two-Burner Stove

A good two-burner stove can help truck drivers cook hundreds of types of meals. The right model is easy to clean and store, and can prepare good meals for when truckers are alone and when their families are traveling with them. Watch the video below to learn more about two-burner stoves:

Electric Skillet

Many truck drivers claim that an electric skillet is the best thing they’ve ever bought for their truck. With an electric skillet, you can cook, re-heat, boil water, make eggs, toast, kabobs, rice, quesadillas, stir fry, oatmeal, and many other things. An electric skillet seems to be the king of truck driver cooking equipment.

Hot Pot

A hot pot can plug into a cigarette lighter and heat up either drinks or foods that are liquid-based. Depending on the kind you decide to get, you can boil pasta, rice, veggies, and eggs; you can also steam produce.


A blender is amazing if you have the outlet space in your truck. You will become addicted to beginning your day with a power smoothie of frozen fruit and yogurt. Many truckers even pre-package the ingredients and freeze them to cut down on prep time.

Remember: it’s best to only run one appliance at a time, and always run them while the truck is running. Trucking companies with inverters (at least 1000watt to 1800watts) will help you have more cooking options.

Healthy drivers tend to be more productive. With these basics and a little planning, new commercial truckers can quickly get cooking on the road, save their hard-earned money, and stay healthier as well.

When it comes to newbie trucker questions, there are a lot to be answered. Truck driver cooking equipment is just the beginning! But no matter how many questions you may have, truck driving is an amazing job that makes lots of individuals very happy. If you’re interested in getting your commercial driver’s license and becoming a truck driver, L.A Truck Driving School is here to train you and help you get your Class A or Class B truck driving license. Contact us today to learn more!