Ask A Truck Driver: Most Common Questions About Trucking


Whether you’re considering becoming a truck driver or you’re already one but still a newbie, there are a lot of questions to ask about the adventurous life of commercial truck driving. Here are some answers to the most commonly-asked questions.

What Is The Best Thing About Being A Truck Driver?

Most truck drivers will answer “getting to travel”. The excitement of being somewhere new each day and getting an inside look at the U.S. is a rare thing, and most truck drivers are very appreciative of the opportunity.

What’s The Worst?

Typical driving issues such as traffic and getting lost are the most common complaints. There’s not much drivers can do about traffic, but getting lost can help be prevented by getting a good GPS. Other truck drivers have a hard time being separated from their loved ones for long haul trips, but every truck line is different, and some offer better home-time policies than others.

Is It Hard For A New Truck Driver To Find A Job Driving?

In the trucking industry, jobs become available almost every day. A lot of truck lines want the more inexperienced drivers so they can pay them a bit less than an experienced driver. It’s usually fairly easy for a new driver to find work.

Do Truck Drivers Get Extremely Lonely?

As a truck driver, you will be alone most of the time. You’ll speak with shipping and receiving managers, loaders, fuel attendants, and your road manager, but mostly truck drivers are riding by themselves. However, many truck lines allow a driver to bring along a pet or occasionally a family member. Ask about this before getting hired.

Besides Driving, How Is Your Time Spent?

Besides driving (which is around 8-11 hours per day), truck drivers spend their time waiting at the shipping house or receiving house for freight to be loaded and unloaded. This waiting period can be anywhere from under an hour to several hours. It just depends on the client and the freight. Other time is spent on truck inspections, maintenance, and fueling.

How Much Does A Truck Driver Make?

Most truck drivers are paid per mile, around 35 cents, and raises are based on miles driven—for example, an extra 1 cent per mile every 120,000 miles driven. With trucking, the work benefits are average, and the opportunities for advancement include becoming a fleet manager in an office position.

What Kind Of Training Do I Need To Be A Truck Driver?

The only thing you’ll need as far as training is to get your commercial driver’s license (CDL) through a truck driving course. After this, you aren’t required to have any other qualifications, like a high school degree. As long as you’re able to pass a DOT medical examination, you can lift and move heavy objects, you’re able to inspect your truck, and you have your CDL, you’re good!

There are many more questions to be answered about the life of a truck driver. If you’re interested in getting your commercial driver’s license and becoming a truck driver, L.A Truck Driving School is here to train you and help you get your Class A or Class B truck driving license. Contact us today to learn more!