Is Becoming A Truck Driver Right For You?

Gold Commercial Truck Driving

Becoming a truck driver sounds appealing to many individuals, and for plenty of them, it works out great. Trucking can be the perfect job for some. However, if you’re thinking about becoming a truck driver, you should ask yourself if your personality matches up with the requirements that the lifestyle and career demands.

There are some characteristics that some people have that work especially well for the trucking industry. Ask yourself…

Will I Feel Comfortable In A Commercial Truck?

Commercial trucks are no joke. They are big, heavy vehicles that can be extremely dangerous if the driver loses control. Everything about a commercial truck is different than a car or regular pickup, and it’s important to know if you’ll truly be comfortable driving one. This is something you probably won’t know until you’ve practiced driving one, but it’s a crucial question to ask yourself.

Am I A Patient Person?

Being a truck driver means you’ll be doing a lot of waiting around. You’ll have to wait for loading dock officials and loaders, which can take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours—and you’ll need to be okay with it all. Not to mention being patient with the traffic around you.

Am I Okay Being Alone?

There are some people who simply can’t bear to be alone for long periods of time. If this is you, you may need to reconsider becoming a truck driver. While some trucking lines allow their drivers to bring along their significant other, kids, or a pet, others do not. Trucking often means days, weeks, and months by yourself, depending on who you work for.

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Do I Love To Drive?

This may sound totally silly, but it’s incredibly important. You may think, “Sure, driving’s fine, I can do it.” But becoming a trucker means serious driving time. As in, hours and hours of driving in long stretches. Think about any road trips you’ve taken or even just long drives. Did you get bored or restless? Did you need to stop a lot to stay awake or engaged? If so, becoming a truck driver might not be right for you.

Will I Be Okay Away From My Family?

Truck drivers often spend a lot of time away from their loved ones. Again, some trucking companies allow drivers to bring their spouse or kids along sometimes, but others don’t. In order to commit to the trucking lifestyle, this needs to be an understood condition.

Drug Screening Sample CupCan I Be Drug-Free?

Becoming a truck driver means you can’t take any drugs. DOT regulations require every commercial truck driver to have drug screenings at any random time, and if you’re proven to have taken drugs, you’ll likely be fired. It’s also good to be aware that truck drivers have a more reduced alcohol limit than everyone else. If you’re a commercial truck driver, your legal alcohol limit will be 0.04.

How’s My Driving Record?

The cleaner your driving record, the better chance you’ll have at getting hired by a good trucking company. They want to lower their liability risk as much as they can, so if you have a pretty rough driving record, you may need to re-think becoming a truck driver.

Am I Motivated To Work On My Own?

When you’re a truck driver on the road, there is obviously not a supervisor standing behind you making sure you’re doing your job. A good truck driver will need to have a good work ethic and will need to be able to wake themselves up, work hard, and be motivated to maintain their rig. Trucking is not for the lazy!

Remember, a career in trucking is perfect for some people. Lots of happy drivers consider becoming a truck driver as the best decision of their lives.

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